Become an MKA DJ

We are currently looking for experienced DJ with their own equipment to join MKA Entertainments. This can provide you with a massive opportunity of getting more work, free of charge!

MKA pays to advertise it services on Google and Social Media. You will not need to worry about all expenses of marketing or spending time getting work, as we will do all of that. You can just be the awesome DJ, you love to be.

MKA Entertainments pay a fair rate to their DJ’s, we are not here to undercut your services.

We are looking for professional DJ’s with modern equipment and who provide an excellent service every time. MKA will need a digitally signature of our agreement and we will need to see images of your setup. Please be aware we can refuse any application for any reason.

There are a couple of house rules, we will expect our DJ’s to oblige by:

You must NOT advertise your own business when its an MKA booking. You may provide your name to the client for future work, but all bookings must go through MKA Entertainments. No clothing/branding adverting your business should be shown unless it’s MKA.

In the rare occasion, a client cancels their service. Unless the client comes to an agreement to pay a percentage of the fee. We cannot guarantee any money for our DJ’s, in a result of a cancellation.

Our DJ’s should present themselves in a smart manner, turn up on time (eg. leave enough leeway for traffic problems). Provide a professional image to the client and provide an excellent service.

If a client complains about the service they received, you will be expected to resolve/pay the dispute.