Terms & Conditions

In the document MKA Entertainments is referred to as the “operator” and the person making the booking with MKA Entertainments is “client”. By booking with the operator, you agree to these Terms & Conditions.

The entertainment to be provided by an MKA DJ is the playback of musical recordings, through sound equipment with the occasional DJ narrative and disco lighting.

The date and location of the event are identified on the invoice. The start/end times are also specified on the invoice.

Upfront booking fee/deposit

MKA Entertainments will require a booking fee (sometimes stated as a deposit) this can vary, but is usually around £35.00 depending on your booking (can be less or more). Your booking will not be secured until this payment has been successfully made to MKA Entertainments. We accept online or telephone payments by via WorldPay, which accepts most major debit/credit cards (please see footer of the website for card acceptance).

No refunds for deposits or booking fees will be given, under any circumstances.

Abuse / Damage to equipment

MKA Entertainments and our DJ’s will not tolerate any abuse or offensive language from clients. Our DJ’s have been notified to leave any venue, which they believe this is happening. All outstanding costs will still be expected to be paid for. Any damage by guests to our equipment, the fee to replace this equipment will be passed on to the name of the person on the booking.

Reduction of time / Client responsibility

If the event is stopped, delayed or curtailed at any point for any reason, the full fee will still need to be paid for.

It is the client’s responsibility to ensure there is enough time required for the installation and dismantling of our equipment. If we found out we most leave the venue before the event finishes, we will need to start dismantling the equipment earlier. No refunds will be given.

Suitability of the venue

The client agrees that the venue will be used for the purposes of event and performance. MKA or our DJ’s will not be held responsible for any breaches of covenants, regulations, bye-laws.

Lighting Effects

MKA or our DJ’s will not be held responsible for how some may react or affected from strobe, sound, haze, snow machine, bubble liquid, laser lighting or led lighting.


We allow for a 50% off your fee if you cancel within 2 weeks’ notice. 100% of the fee will need to be paid, after the 2-week period.